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PHP Web Calendar

php web calendar

Web Calender is an open source PHP-based multi-user calendar.


  • Multi-user support
  • Group support
  • View day-at-glance
  • View month-at-glance
  • View week-at-glance
  • View year-at-glance
  • View another user's calendar
  • View multiple users' calendars at the same time
  • View one or more users' calendar via layers on top of your own calendar
  • Public calendar (that requires no login) where anonymous users submit events that are approved by an administrator
  • Add/Edit/Delete users
  • Add/Edit/Delete events
  • Repeating events
  • Custom event fields
  • Search interface for calendar entries
  • User-configurable preferences for colors, 12/24 time format, Week start on Sun or Mon, default work hours
  • Online help
  • Checks for scheduling conflicts
  • Support for multiple timezones
  • Users can accept or reject events added by another user to their calendar
  • Email reminders
  • Email notifications for new events
  • Support for 30 different languages:
    1. Basque
    2. Bulgarian
    3. Catalan
    4. Chinse(Big5)
    5. Chinse(GB2312)
    6. Czech
    7. Danish
    8. Deutsch (German)
    9. English
    10. Español (Spanish)
    11. Estonian
    12. Français (French)
    13. Galician
    14. Hollands (Dutch)
    15. Holo (Taiwanese)
    16. Hungarian
    17. Icelandic
    18. Italiano (Italian)
    19. Japanese
    20. Korean
    21. Norwegian
    22. Polish
    23. Portuguese
    24. Portuguese/Brazil
    25. Romanian
    26. Russian)
    27. Finnish
    28. Swedish)
    29. Turkish
    30. Welsh
  • Exporting to and importing from:
    1. Palm Pilot
    2. iCal
    3. vCal
  • Authentication using:
    1. LDAP
    2. HTTP authentication
    3. NIS
    4. web-based
  • Activity log that tracks:
    1. event creation
    2. event updates
    3. event acceptance
    4. event rejection
    5. email notifications
    6. email reminders

System Requirements

  • PHP 4 (PHP 5 not yet tested) with magic_quotes_gpc enabled
  • Database:
    Oracle 8
    MS SQL Server
    ODBC (PHP ODBC includes support for Adabas D, IBM DB2, Solid and Sybase SQL Anywhere as well as ODBC)
  • CSS-enabled browser
  • JavaScript-enabled browser
  • If not using HTTP-based authentication, then browser cookies are required


Download PHP Web Calendar


I get error messages about undefined variables when I try to view any page.
On newer versions of PHP, the default setting of PHP is to display messages when an undefined variable is referenced. To prevent these messages from being displayed, change the setting of error_reporting in your php.ini file to be:
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
Alternately, you can disable any error messages from being displayed in the browser and have them logged to a file. (See the comments included in the php.ini file for instructions on how to do this.)
I get errors when trying to add an event that contains a single quotation.
WebCalendar is designed to work with PHP's magic_quotes_gpc feature (configured in php.ini). If you do not have this enabled (On in php.ini), you may get errors when adding events. In WebCalendar version 0.9.43 or later, you will always get an error message telling you to update php.ini if magic_quotes_gpc is set to Off.

TIP If you are using Apache as your web server and if you cannot or do not want to enable magic_quotes_gpc for your entire site, you can enable it just for WebCalendar. Create a .htaccess file in the toplevel WebCalendar directory that contains a single line:
php_value magic_quotes_gpc 1

(For this to work with Apache, you must have the Apache AllowOverride All directive enabled for the directory where WebCalendar is installed. Additionally, PHP must be running as an Apache module, not a CGI.)

Note for Oracle and PostgreSQL: You must also change the value of magic_quotes_sybase to On within the php.ini settings.
I get an error message from PHP saying "Call to undefined function: ..."
This tells you that your version of PHP is missing something that WebCalendar needs. If the function mentioned is a database login function (ociplogin, mysql_pconnect, ibase_connect, pg_pconnect), then you probably do not have the needed database support for your database compiled into PHP. If the function is not a database connect call, then check the PHP manual  to see if the function requires a specific version of PHP. You may have an out-dated version of PHP that requires upgrading.
When I try and view certain pages, nothing happens for 30 seconds, then I get a time-out error.
On slower or very busy servers, it can take some time for the server to get all the events. Most PHP installations have a built-in timeout out of 30 seconds and will interrupt any request that takes longer than that. This is most likely to happen on the year-long custom report or on the month view when layers are being used. If you have access, you can increase the time-out value for PHP in the php.ini file by changing the setting of the max_execution_time setting.
I get an error message that says "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock'."
This is a PHP/MySQL configuration issue. The value of mysql.default_socket in your php.ini file must match the value of socket in your my.cnf file. Edit the php.ini file to fix this problem.
I am not receiving any email messages from WebCalendar.
WebCalendar sends two types of email messages: Notifications* and Reminders*. Check the following if you are not receiving any email:
  1. You have defined a valid SMTP server in your PHP configuration file php.ini. (The setting is "SMTP" in the "mail_function" section.)
  2. In WebCalendar's System Settings, you have set the "Email Enabled" setting to "Yes".
  3. In WebCalendar's System Settings, make sure you have the "Default sender address" to something.
    Note: Some mail system will reject mail that has a "From" address that is a different domain from the originating SMTP server. So, if your SMTP server is and your "Default sender address" is, some mail systems may bounce the mail back.
  4. For a Notification, make sure you have the type of Notification set to "Yes" in the user's Preferences.
  5. For a Reminder:
    • Make sure you have "Event reminders" set to "Yes" in the user's Preferences.
    • Make sure you have setup a cron job to periodically run the send_reminders.php script.
Some of the pages are displaying text in English rather than <insert your language here>
The translations have been submitted at various points of WebCalendar development. Some have not been updated to include newer features.
The text that I entered in the Custom Event Fields is not being translated to different languages.
You will need to add an entry in each of the translation files for any text you add into the Custom Event Fields.
How do I get the most recent version of WebCalendar?
You can download the latest public release from SourceForge's file list for WebCalendar .
You can download the latest development code from the CVS server using the instructions provided by SourceForge . (You will need a CVS client to do this.)
How do I install a patch file listed on SourceForge's list of WebCalendar patches ?
Most patches are distributed as context diffs. That means they were produced using the UNIX diff command with the -C option. The patches are intended to be used with the GNU patch  program. This program is standard on most Linux systems and can be obtained as part of the Cygwin  package for Windows. Mac OS X will have the patch program installed if they install the developer tools CD.
I forgot/lost my admin password. How can I reset it?
The easiest way is to admin a new admin user and then use that new user to reset the password for your old admin account. Assuming you have deleted the original 'admin' login, you can use the following SQL to insert a new admin user into the database:
INSERT INTO webcal_user ( cal_login, cal_passwd, cal_lastname,
cal_firstname, cal_is_admin ) VALUES
( 'admin', '21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3', 'Administrator',
'Default', 'Y' );
This will add a user with login 'admin' and password 'admin' to the database. If you still have a user named 'admin', then replace 'admin' in the above SQL with a different username.
I get a database error indicating table webcal_config does not exist.
This is the first table that WebCalendar tries to access, so it typically means one of the following:
  • You have not created the database tables as described in the instructions
  • You have the wrong database name specified in your includes/settings.php file

More Questions?

Please ask your questions in the help forum.

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