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Install PHP on Windows XP

Download Windows Binaries PHP 5.0.5 zip package to your local machine. Extract it to c:\php (or any path you like, which does not have spaces in the path )

Make php5ts.dll available you have three options:

    1. copy the file to the Windows system directory,
    2. copy the file to the web server's directory,
    3. add your PHP directory, C:\php to the PATH.

The 3rd choice is the best: add c:\php to PATH environment variables. Right click on "My Computer" icon on your desktop. Select "Properties". System properties window(like following) will pop up.

PHP,php tutorial

In the tab "Advanced", click "Environment variables" Button, you will see the following window:

PHP,php tutorial

Find the "Path" entry, highlight it and click edit, add "c:\php" to the end of variable string. Do not forget ";" in front of c:\php. See the following window:

PHP,php tutorial

The next step is to set up a valid configuration file for PHP, php.ini.There are two ini files distributed in the zip file, php.ini-dist and php.ini-recommended. We simply rename php.ini-recommended to php.ini and save it in c:\php.



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