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Javascript set cookie

What is Cookie? Cookie is a piece of information browsers put on the client's PC. Cookie include 6 part, which are name,value,expire date, path, domain and security. A cookie always has its name and value.(Otherwise, you don't need set up a cookie.) The other 4 parts are optional.

Expire date is used to set cookie lifespan. If a cookie (like document.cookie ="username=bill;" ) without expire date, this cookie will be gone when the user closes his brower.

Path sets up restriction for sub-directories accession. For example, if sets a cookie, subdirectory could not read that cookie unless you set cookie like


This way, all subdirectories under /bill (eg,/tools and /checkout) can share their cookies.

If set "path=/;", the cookie will be available to all directories on the domain where it is set from.If the web site is just one of that domain, such as a free hosting usually have a lot of uers sharing same directory, the other user also could access the cookie you set.

Domain: By default, collies are only accessable to pages in the domain they are set from. But if a site have subdomains, like and, a cookie set by a domain is not available to the other one. In order to share cookie cross subdomain, cookies could set "".

Security: By default, the value of security is false.It means a cookie is always send back to the pages. If the value is true, it requires a server with Secure sockets layer(SSL).

In order to use the example in this page, your web browser should accept cookies.

How to do set cookies? Copy the following scripts to <head></head> section.


Click here to see how to get cookie.




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